Thursday, 30 September 2010

Bocca di Lupo's Gelupo

Gelupo, 7 Archer Street, London, W1D 7AU

Situated practically opposite the famous Bocca di Lupo I was eager to explore their new creation of a typical Italian gelateria

First impressions:
It was a disgusting and rainy day, but despite this, my friend Flick and I still decided to brave the weather and trial this much publicised ice cream parlour. Although it was pouring the shop was packed and everyone was welcomed by some friendly and polite staff. The interiors were well suited to the theme with icy blue and pale white tiles that were smart and not fussy.

The ice cream:
They had some traditional and some unusual flavours such as fig leaf which was a creamy colour. They explained how they soak the leaves in water and they use this infusion mixed in with the ice cream base. It was delicious!

The ice cream itself was displayed in these stylish stainless steel cases and after trying a about half of the selection I could tell that the gelato was definitely made with good quality ingredients. Flick eventually chose hazelnut with some fresh chocolate that was brought out while we were there and I opted for a raspberry sorbet. I could not fault the ice cream and it was almost as good as Grom the Italian chain that I visited in Milan.

This little pot below was smaller than the regular places that I have been to but priced the same at £2. I didn't have a problem with this as it's always the same story when you buy better quality ingredients you end up paying a little more. It was worth it!

Gelupo had a couple of extra treats on offer and I was assured by the chef that these delicacies were created daily. At the far end of the shop they also had some beautifully wrapped Italian produce such as pasta and olive oil and these all added to the experience. Below are a few that I particularly liked.

Gelupo was a success and despite the awful hail storm outside it was a great and authentic Italian ice cream experience. It was so delectable that it is worthy to be up on my list of great places to visit.

The drum and The frog

Frog, 58a Bayswater, London, W3 2RL

I went to Frog with my sugar appreciating buddy Drum. I was determined to prove to him that there must be a better frozen yogurt than his beloved SNOG. It seems there is...

First impression:
Situated practically opposite Bayswater tube station, this little frozen yogurt shop is a perfect treat to or from work. It follows a similar space age type interior not unlike it's competitor Snog. This is a trend that has certainly spread across frozen yogurt shops around town where they feel it is necessary to relate frozen yogurt to outer space, with alien green counters and UFO shaped lights. This is just an observation of course and many people are into the spacey vibe but it's just not my cup of tea. Despite this, once I had battled past the lampshades I actually thought their frozen yogurt looked pretty appealing.

Frozen yogurt:
I went for a simple pot of frozen yogurt with some raspberries, while Drum was a touch more eager and opted for brownies, strawberries, raspberries, chocolate buttons and blueberries for toppings. They were both quite reasonably priced at £2 a pot plus toppings. I felt that the quality was decent and that they used fresh yogurt. It seems an obvious comment but you would be surprised what is out there. I would be happy to rate it as the best frozen yogurt that I have sampled so far.

Definitely give it a go!

To check out the UFOs in Snog go to 9 Brewer Street in Soho for the best sightings. Here's a preview below!