Tuesday, 11 January 2011

T. I. A.

T. I. A. - This is Africa!

Whilst on a recent trip to Kenya I had no idea that I would be bringing my work with me, it turns out the Kenyans love ice cream. Sails restaurant which is part of the Almanara resort was situated just off Diani beach and I managed to accumulate ten hungry ice cream tasters, an ice cream visit record!

Megan with her after eight flavour which she said she quite enjoyed despite the colour being luminous green.

The setting definitely made this ice cream tastier than it probably was although nothing could knock the waffle biscuits that were dunked in. They may not look like much here but they were delightful.

Luke here had peanut butter and vanilla, quote "it's not blowing my head off!" All the tasters became quite critical by the end of the evening complaining about melting points and lack of visible vanilla seeds but I was in hot Kenya so I for once did not participate.

Next up was Leonardo's

Megan and Flick were very excited about this.

In fact so were the whole Gibbon family!

I had chocolate and stracciatella which were both enjoyable in the heat but looking more closely the straciatella was a little icy.

The real winner here was the banana ice cream which Flick had cleverly gone for as it was perfectly sweet and smooth. Later we soon worked out that of course the fruit flavours would be the best choice, T.I.A.!!

In amongst all this ice cream fun there was time for probably the best breakfast on the planet. Nutella crepe with fresh mango!!!

This was without doubt one of the highlights of my work trip.

Last stop on the Kenyan ice cream tour was the Nomads hotel.

We wasted no time and went straight for the sorbets, mango, passion fruit, melon and pineapple.

The pineapples in Kenya were like none other that I have ever tasted as they were so incredibly sweet and juicy. They did not possess that acidity which I am normally use to and instead these African bad boys created something not far away from sorbet heaven.


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