Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Baked in Paris

Some of the best cakes and chocolates that I found.

Le Boulanger de Monge was great for patisserie and had so many incredible cakes stuffed to the brim of amazing thick cream.

I'll go as far to say that this was the best cookie I have ever had. Crunchy, yet also gooey with good quality dark chocolate that had melted a little.

This is the ultimate waffle, light, crunchy and sweet.

My favourite restaurant in Paris. One of the most traditional and delicious places on the planet.

The formula: For the starter, a walnut salad.

The main : sirloin slices with all you can eat fries and the secret 26 different ingredients sauce. I could only describe this sauce as a buttery, herby, creamy, sensation and it is off the scale with this simple but cooked to perfection dish.

Dessert: I went for the creme brulee but there were some equality appealing profiteroles. In fact, the pudding menu which is the only part where you have more than one option to chose from is something to explore. I cannot rate this restaurant highly enough. The tables maybe squashed up next to each other and all that is on offer is steak and chips but the place is packed, and has a simple great idea that has been working for many years.

Un petit peu du Dorchester

I did a stage at Alain Ducasse's restaurant at the Dorchester Hotel and here is a little look at some of the incredible pastry that goes on in possibly one of the most beautiful and sparkling kitchens I have ever seen.

I made all of that thanks to this lady and my swanky hat. Yeh, well they don't call it three star for nothing.