Thursday, 26 July 2012

Ice Cream and Cake Party at the Secret Garden

What a fantastic experience this was! Despite getting onto a cold and rainy start the Saturday and Sunday turned into a beautiful and simmering summer weekend. Here are photos of some of my lovely customers and my great support team. We ended up having a bit of an ice cream and cake party at 3pm on both the Saturday and the Sunday. We listened to some banging tunes courtesy of Christian, Mikey and Miss Millard, even taking some requests. My little Citroen van quickly made it's mark in SGP by getting customers to dance whilst eating some homemade delicacies and managing to melt ya wellies off at the end of a hot afternoon.

My brother Christian setting up the music.

I loved this Fish and Chips van and they also share a love for Citroen.

This was a cute little cake stall and the carrot cake was particularly good.

So Citroen's were sorta popular?

This is when the sun finally joined us and business was booming.

My friend Henry was selling his gorgeous Sir Plus waistcoats, boxers, hats and tailored jackets. Check them out:

This was truly one of my best customers, he couldn't get enough of the Valrhona chocolate sauce.

This was from my lovely Tibetan neighbours.


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