Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Brain food

Walnut skull choccies by Ruth and Sira Garcia Trigueros. What more could you want with a cuppa tea?

Buy them from here:

Rocky's waffles from the BERG

My mate Roxanne sent me these from Johannesburg...T.I.A. 
Rude boy waffles like these deserve a rude boi song, so appropriately called ASAP Rocky: Goldie

Not too sure about the quality of the chocolate sauce though, don't quote me on this but it maybe from a bottle.

Happy Jubilee

Too much?

River Cafe classics made to perfection

 This photo does not quite do this broad bean minestrone justice. It was off the shizzle!

 seafood risotto
 Josh's juicy veal chop.
This was a pressed chocolate cake with zabaione gelato. The chocolate used in this was incredible and it really shows what a significant difference this makes.
Lovely lemon tart.